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Hemet, California Roofing Company

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Hemet, California

Welcome to The Roofing And Gutters Company Of Hemet California, your roofing company in Hemet, California. We ensure you get the best roofing installation, repair, and maintenance service. Over the past 27 years, we’ve gained extensive experience in the roofing industry. 

We provide roof repair, replacement, and maintenance services for residential homes and commercial properties. Professionals from our team will ensure that your roof is replaced precisely as you need it to be – installing brand-new shingles or simply repairing some minor damage caused by storm damage or hail.

Ultimately, we want you to be satisfied with our work so that you will recommend us to others. If that sound like something you’d like to do? Give us a call today.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Serving the Hemet, California

We understand that the most effective method for protecting your investment is with a warranty. That’s why we offer industry-leading warranties on all our roofing projects, backed by a national contractor with decades of experience.

Premier Roofing Contractor Serving Hemet, California

Commercial Roofing Contractor Hemet, California

The Roofing And Gutters Company Of Hemet, California, believe that your commercial roof should be as high-quality as the business you’re running. That’s why we have been providing commercial roofing services to Hemet, California businesses for over 27 years. Our team has the experience necessary to install a high-quality, long-lasting roof that will keep your business safe from the elements and enhance its appearance.

Roofing Inspection

Our trained professionals will inspect every inch of your roof to ensure that it's adequate for the weather conditions in your area and that there are no problems with the structure. We'll also check for signs of damage or leaks.

Metal Roofing

We specialize in metal roofing installation and repair and all kinds of other roofing work. We've been installing and repairing roofs in the area for over 20 years, so you can trust us with your home or business's most important asset.

Install/Replace Windows

Whether you're looking to install new or replace old windows, we can help you find the right fit. We offer high-quality products at affordable prices, so you don't have to worry about your wallet regarding home improvements.

New Roof Construction

We have extensive experience with all types of roofs: asphalt shingle, tile, metal, slate, and more. Our Workers are skilled at working with all materials—wooden shakes, aluminum tiles, and gravel-backed shingles.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a variety of roofing materials for residential and commercial properties in Hemet, California. These include asphalt shingles, metal roofing systems, clay tile and slate roofs, synthetic single-ply membranes, built-up roof systems, and green/cool roofs.

Our experienced team of roofers is trained in installing any roofing material you choose. We can also provide maintenance, repairs, and inspections for all types of roofs.

Yes, we are available for emergency roof repair services during a storm or natural disaster. Our team is experienced and equipped to handle any size of damage from a severe weather event. We can assess your property and provide the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently.

We strive to protect your home or business from further damage. We also offer preventative maintenance plans to help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

We understand that the disposal of old roofing materials can be a concern for our customers, so we take it very seriously. We have implemented strict protocols and procedures to ensure that all debris is handled safely, efficiently, and environmentally friendly. We are fully licensed, insured, and compliant with all local laws and regulations regarding waste disposal in Hemet, California.

Our team is trained to safely and properly remove all old roofing materials, including hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead-based paint. We use the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow all OSHA regulations to ensure that our team and our customers are safe during a removal. We also have a strict recycling policy and will make every effort to recycle materials such as metal, asphalt, and wood where possible.

In addition, we take great care to keep the area around your property clean and tidy during the roof replacement process. We will use tarps and other protective coverings to minimize damage to your landscaping and surrounding areas. We will also clean up debris or leftover materials before leaving the job site.

Our Hemet, California, roofing company is committed to providing our customers with safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly roofing services. 

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