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100% Self Performing Service Crews

Safety / Training / Quality Assurance / Consistency

At The Roofing & Gutters Company, our Commercial Roof Repair Maintenance divisions consist of highly skilled and specialized team members. These professionals are exclusively trained within the Roofing And Gutters Company organization to excel in maintaining commercial roofs. Therefore, we are completely self-sufficient in our commercial repair services.

When you submit a service request with The Roofing & Gutters Company, you can expect a dedicated, well-trained, and uniformed employee from our team. Our specialists undergo continuous training, ensuring they possess the necessary expertise to complete the job correctly and efficiently. Trust in The Roofing & Gutters Company to provide exceptional service for all your commercial roof maintenance needs.

The Roofing Way: Leak Investigation & Repair

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Leak Investigation & Repair

Leak investigation & repair requires a specific skill set and training. Understanding the dynamics of rooftop water intrusion takes years of experience and specialized training. You can rest assured that when a Baker Roofing Company repair and maintenance crew is dispatched to repair your roof, you have the most skilled and experienced team on the job.

Warranty Repairs & Service

Baker Roofing Company is a licensed applicator of all major manufacturers’ roofing systems. This allows us to perform up-fits, renovations and repairs to all warranted and non-warranted roofing systems. Our crews are professionally trained to ensure that our work is not only the best in the industry, but it maintains the existing roof warranty.

Commercial Service & Maintenance Experts

Choosing a Roofing Contractor

As a commercial property owner, representative, or decision maker, you understand the importance of hiring the right service contractor the first time. As the second largest commercial roofing contractor in the nation, with some of the most experienced roofing professionals in the industry, you can count on Baker Roofing Company to do the job right the first time! No other roofing contractor has the combination of resources and experience in commercial roofing repair that you will find with Baker Roofing Company.

Our 100% self-performing commercial roof repair service team works with property managers, multi-facility and single building owners, and maintenance supervisors of all kinds to provide a professional and enduring roof repair and service solution to meet the needs of each facility/property and budget. Every service request receives our safety-minded step-by-step approach to ensure we maintain quality assurance of service across our footprint, and meet the financial and performance goals of your request.